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ZiltWater was initiated in 2008 by Zwanette Jager, fish(ery) biologist and estuarine ecologist. She was educated at the Agricultural University Wageningen and specialised in Fishery Ecology. At an early stage she took an interest in the marine environment ("ziltwater"). Afther finishing her studies, she was employed as an estuarine ecologist and she finished her PhD in 1999. Her thesis 'Floundering' described the processes of tidal transport and accumulation of flatfish larvae in the Ems-Dollard nursery.

Zwanette Jager has more than 20 years of working experience, a.o. at the National Institute for Coastal and Marine Management / RIKZ, a former specialist department of Rijkswaterstaat.

ZiltWater works forĀ  a diversity of clients (government, institutes, companies and NGO's) on studies of the ecology and quality of tidal waters.

Registrated at the Chamber of Commerce Groningen (registration number KvK 01124815)

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