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ZiltWater Advice is concerned with the relations between estuarine water systems and anthropogenic pressures. The professional ecological advice is based on (literature) study, specialist knowledge and expertise. The impact of human exploitation on the ecosystem is judged in the context of the always interfering natural dynamics.


ZiltWater offers specific or expert knowledge of

  • fish, (sustainable) fishery and estuarine ecology
  • Ems-Dollard, Western Scheldt and (international) Wadden Sea
  • EU Water Framework Directive and Natura 2000

ZiltWater qualities

  • Professional
  • Independent
  • International network
  • Flexible and available at short notice
  • Wider expertise by cooperation in professional network
  • Photography and graphic design supporting the ZiltWater themes

Contact ZiltWater

Tel. 00 31 6 13956907

or go to Contact.

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